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Cofactor Genomics

April 17, 2012

This week, we have a guest speaker: Ian Schillebeeckx. He is a recent SLU Math/CS graduate and computational scientist who will be talking to us about Cofactor Genomics: a study in de novo assembly of Spider Dragline Silk Genes.

He will talk about a project he is actively working on that involves sequencing spider silk genes. He ran some in silico simulations and did research to formulate an application of next-generation sequencing techniques for discovery experiments. This is sure to be a fascinating talk!

You are welcome to join us in the Ritter Hall Lobby from 4-5 on Wednesday! Refreshments will be provided.


Art & Randomness

April 11, 2012

The SLU Math & CS Club will meet again tomorrow, Wednesday, April 11th. Dr. Clair will be running a workshop at the art museum next week so he’ll show us some of what he’s going to present. We will be making art using random processes!

Please join us in the Ritter Hall Lobby from 4-5. Light refreshments will be provided.