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Catenary curve finished

February 23, 2012

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Second Annual Integration Bee Results

October 6, 2011

The eyes of the world were upon SLU’s Second Annual Integration Bee yesterday in the Ritter Hall lobby, where participants computed integrals for a chance to win fabulous prizes. It was a very exciting competition with nearly 20 participants.

The competition began with a set of 5 integration problems on a chalkboard. Participants had only 10 minutes to find solutions, but they were prepared. Their minds were sharp and their pencils swift (and vice-versa). Many advanced from this first round of the bee, making perfect scores.

It was clear that these were no ordinary integrators. No, these people were good. To thin out the set of competitors, the organizers gave them a tougher set of 5 problems.

This difficult set proved to be too much for most of our contestants. Only three people moved on: Wesley Gardner, Max Clifton, and Erica Zak.

Wesley had the top score, while Max and Erica were tied for second. We then had an exciting runoff between Max and Erica to compete against Wesley for the championship.

Max and Erica raced to solve the integral
\int_0^\infty x^{10} e^x dx
(Do you know what it is?)

Max was the first person to arrive at the correct answer and so moved on to face Wesley for the gold. (Ok, we didn’t really have actual gold for the winner. It was metaphorical gold.)

The stage was now set. Max. Wesley. Chalkboards. Chalk. The Championship Integral.
\int \ln(\cos x)\tan x dx


And the winner is…Wesley Gardner! Fabulous prizes were distributed and the world could rest easy for another year, knowing that the integration king of SLU has been crowned. (Again, we didn’t really have an actual crown.)

Fall 2011 Club BBQ

September 22, 2011

Yesterday, we held our Fall 2011 BBQ in front of Ritter Hall. We were happy to see a lot of people come out to enjoy some hamburgers and hot dogs cooked by our members. Some photos are below:

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